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Accomodating adhd

Dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia, visual perception disorders, auditory processing disorders, and language disorders fall under the umbrella of learning disorders.

Many children with ADHD also have comorbid learning disorders.

An idea teachers must understand is that students with special needs such as learning disabilities need to be taught differently or need some accommodations to enhance the learning environment.

Not everyone learns in the same way, and you can follow some tips to create a well-rounded learning atmosphere.

In yet another prior post, I presented some definitions and a framework for understanding both personality and character (see “What is a Character Disorder? As stated in an earlier post, personality can be defined as an individual’s preferred “style” of perceiving, thinking about, and interacting with others and the world at large.

Learning disabilities impact the way children are able to process and understand information; they are neurological disorders that might manifest themselves as difficulty listening, thinking, writing, speaking, spelling, or doing mathematical calculations.

s a resident during otolaryngology training, I rotated in the medical center’s craniofacial clinic, seeing various disorders that lead to underdeveloped or malformed facial or skull structures.

Treating Only The Extremes One of the problems with modern medicine is that we name and treat only the extreme end of a continuum, or only when significant problems result.Also the word chalkboard is used often and most schools do not utilize chalkboards anymore. Also typing devices like an alpha smart or i Pad will help with writing assignments.Vision impairments can result from a variety of causes, including congenital conditions, injury, eye disease, and brain trauma, or as the result of other conditions such as diabetes and multiple sclerosis.Many legally blind students are able to read with special glasses, and a few can even drive.It is also important to note that some legally blind students have 20/20 vision.

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Researchers in the areas of personality and character disturbance have long recognized that there is a fairly substantial group of highly disturbed characters at the center of most abusive relationships and who pose the greatest threat to social order.

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