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Cave of the Winds Mountain Park is one of the highest show caves in the country!

Travel deep into the mountain, exploring passageways and formations lit only by the hand-held lanterns you carry!

"It is important to look at the impact of sensory deprivation because of the number of places around the world where it is used as a weapon or to aid interrogation," says Professor Steven Robbins, who oversaw the experiments and is one of the Britain's leading experts on the effects of psychological torture.

"We know that stimulating the brain helps increase connections in the brain that speeds up information processing, but we wanted to find out if the reverse occurs." The risks were considerable.

The_Quiet_one: oh nothin’ I_get_all_the_gurls_: Gray, would u mind leavin’ the chat? I should go… … … … MEOWMEOWMIX_Spokes_cat has left the chatroom I_get_all_the_gurls_: That’s better The_Quiet_one: ya I thought he was gonna make us buy Meow Meow Mix I_HEART_COOKIES has enter Warrior Cat Chat Room 3Fire’s_Gurl has entered the chatroom NOT_A_CHIPMUNK_ has entered the chatroom (w/ hollykit, jaykit, & lionkkit)Fire’s_Gurl: Uh-oh. (Holds up bottle)NOT_A_CHIPMUNK_: Uh, mom…that’s claw polish. The_Quiet_one has entered the chatroom The_Quiet_one: wat u guys talkin bout? I kno ur my leader and all, but I dun wanna get banned. The_Best_Type_OF_Fire: Tigerstar just tell us cause we hav important stuff 2 discuss-I_HEART_COOKIES: GUESS OR I’ LL KILL U!!!! Has entered the Chatroom Ya-I’m-blind-;-so-what-?

The results, to be shown on a BBC2 documentary tonight, are intriguing. The researchers involved hoped to shed new light on the validity of statements given by terror suspects who have been held in extreme conditions in camps such as Guantanamo Bay.We r the only ones here MEOWMEOWMIX_Spokes_cat has entered The chat room MEOWMEOWMIX_Spokes_cat: Hiya! I hav some unfinished business with my buddy Onestar over here * evil grin *I_like_meh_soda_diet_like_tigey_does: meep 0.o dun go!!!!! * To firestar & tigerstar didn’t hear him * just go along w/ it, k? Color*Med*Kitty*Storm has entered the chatroom Ya-I’m-blind-;-so-what-? : Da-Color*Med*Kitty*Storm: *death glare*Ya-I’m-blind-;-so-what-? What’s up-Color*Med*Kitty*Storm: BACK STRAIGHT! I_get_all_the_gurls_: well, it waz nice while it lasted MEOWMEOWMIX_Spokes_cat: wat r u guys talkin’ about? I mean really, I don’t even no how 2 apply this blush! I_get_all_the_gurls_: sorry dude, ur on ur own nao. We hav 2 keep him happy I_HEART_COOKIES: ok it shou Warrior Cat Chat 8WARRIOR CAT CHAT ROOM #8Ya-I’m-blind-;-so-what-? We have a collection of 83 slugterra dark spores cavern games for you to play for free.We also offer other cool online games, strategy games, racing games, adventure games, simulation games, flash games and more.

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" The reason for that is because when it was on word, it was in color. Warrior Cat Chat Room 2 Warrior’s chatroom 2The_Quiet_one has entered the chatroom I_get_all_the_gurls_ has entered the chatroom The_Quiet_one: oh thank goodness! Sorry ma’am didn’t know it was you ma’am Color*Med*Kitty*Storm: that’s what I thought I_get_all_the_gurls_ has entered the chatroom I_get_all_the_gurls_: Hey guys!

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