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Updating apache mod perl

Slash, which runs the web site Slashdot, is written using mod_perl.mod_perl can emulate a Common Gateway Interface (CGI) environment, so that existing Perl CGI scripts can benefit from the performance boost without having to be re-written.Unlike CGI (and most other web application environments), mod_perl provides complete access to the Apache API, allowing programmers to write handlers for all phases in the Apache request cycle, manipulate Apache's internal tables and state mechanisms, share data between Apache processes or threads, alter or extend the Apache configuration file parser, and add Perl code to the configuration file itself, among other things.I’ve finally had my work laptop upgraded to Leopard!!!OS X does come with a complete install of Apache (even with mod_perl!) out of the box and ready to go (info on using this set-up can be found here), but I’m also working on another project that may involve the use of Jaxer, and this requires a newer build of Apache than the one shipped with Leopard.

However, its most common use is so that dynamic content produced by Perl scripts can be served in response to incoming requests, without the significant overhead of re-launching the Perl interpreter for each request.I install it with the package manager and it works. The mod_perl RPM is compiled as a Dynamic Shared Object (DSO).Before DSOs came along you had to recompile the server every time you wanted to take advantage of a new module. All you need do to get Apache to load the module is edit your . When the Perl interpreter starts up it is useful to tell it a few things, such as where your module files can be found or to load up a few files you plan on using a lot./home/httpd/httpd_perl/ /home/httpd/httpd_perl/lib/perl When working with mod_cgi, you can change the code and rerun the CGI script from your browser to see the changes.Since the script isn't cached in memory, the server starts up a new Perl interpreter for each request, which loads and recompiles the script from scratch. The situation is different with mod_perl, since the whole idea is to get maximum performance from the server.

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The following sections discuss issues related to module loading and reloading.

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