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We had the best service and food at reasonable prices -We can not say enough about this place.

You have to try it once there you will not ever forget it. In order to add sound the cam must be bought with build-in microphone, the price is higher and the monthly plan fee is higher also once broadcasting sound as well.

Live footage from the Portola Hotel & Spa in Monterey.

Live footage from the patio at Nepenthe Restaurant in Big Sur.

I'm like Catherine, keep checking for the snow fall!

I couldn't find the webcam for a few days and was having withdrawal symptoms! Panic starts to creep in with three weeks to the first visit.

The webcam is stationed at Elkhorn Slough in Moss Landing which is home to the largest concentration of southern sea otters on the central coast. The Condor Cam captures live streaming video of California Condors in the wild.

Just came back from another great long week-end in Firenze, way better than Rome at the moment, way less crowded, and it seems the police is applying the zero tolerance policy regarding all migrants, beggars and illegal sellers, it is sometimes funny so see them literaly run away and disepeare as soon as they see the police getting by Can't way tobe back there again in late October Just returned from Florence - you can almost see the outside restaurant to the left where we ate lunch and met the nicest people on our visit.The square is situated where originally stood the Roman forum, today it is the centre of Perugia's social, religious and cultural life in the heart of the historic centre totally surrounded by medieval masterpieces, its ancient architectural buildings of high fame and prestige make it one of the most appreciated places in the middle of Italy and a charming meeting point for tourists and locals.The beauty of the square is increased by the wonderful Fontana Maggiore (latter half of the 13th century), a real medieval masterpiece of the brothers Nicola and Giovanni Pisano and Fra’ Bevignate da Perugia; as part of a program of urban improvements, it was built to celebrate the construction of the new aqueduct and more than 800 years it is the arrival point for a water duct coming from Pacciano Mountain (Monte Pacciano); Fontana Maggiore was hit and heavily damaged by the earthquake of 1348, only in the half of the 20th century began the first restoration works that gave it its former splendour and made it the symbol of medieval Perugia; today it appears extremely sophisticated, thousands of tourists are daily attracted by the harmony of its lines and the elegance of its decorations; 50 bas-reliefs and 24 statues of stone decorate the fountain also made up of two poligonal and concentric marble basins adorned with a central bronze vessel and three nymphs holding an amphorae from which the water gushes, both basins are strongly decorated by biblical, symbolic and mythological figures; IV November Square overlooks the main façade of the Cathedral of St.Roberto da Padova: Vedere questo meraviglioso lungomare in una giornata piena di sole - senza vento - è stupendo e fa venire il magone a chi vive queste stesse giornate nella nebbia e vestiti da "montanari".Vi avevo già chiesto il regalo di ripristinare le cam del porto e specialmente del lungomare vero Corace con la veduta del golfo di Squillace, fatelo ora che è Natale, A proposito BUON NATALE!!!!!!!!!! Roberto da Padova : Bellissima veduta con la nuova webcam dalla parte della località di Corace. It is the coastal town of the city of Catanzaro, a real city center overlooking the sea along the beautiful Ionian coast; its almost 5 kilometers of wonderful beach make it one of the most popular tourist attraction of the Calabria capital.

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Roberto da Padova; Come ho già accennato la veduta di Casciolino con il porto è bellissima come il primo piano dello stesso porto. Vi seguo quasi ogni giorno e rivivo le belle giornate passate l' estate scorsa. Along the Promenade with its 2 kilometers of stunning panorama, many public places, accommodation facilities, restaurants and so on…enliven the hot summer days by offering rest and fun to its own tourists.

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